Tuesday, November 27, 2007

UBB interface in 东萍棋谱仓库

This thread contains a long discussion of rook-cannon endgame. I think it is interesting. The main author uses UBB interface, which has become very popular Chinese chess board presentation in forum discussion. It was developed mainly to aid the Chinese chess databases hold in 东萍棋谱仓库.

There are a couple of functions in the UBB interface interest me a lot. First of all, this interface has a button link directly to the Chinese chess endgame databases query system. If the board position is available in my databases, it will automatically generate a page with the query string. That is a very neat feature. So far, it works well except the position sequence with black to move first. I have been trying to contact the author of UBB to fix it without success. If you know the author, maybe you can tell him/her to contact me by email.

To link to EGDB, click on right lower corner 棋谱搜索 button, then click on 搜索当前残局解法. It will bring you to the right page. Sometimes, it will be in background window, so look for which window it brings the page up.

Another way to use this UBB interface is to arrange piece on the board and then look for the position in EGDB so you don't have to input fen string yourself. You can also copy fen string from other program and look up the position in EGDB. To use it, click on 导出导入 button. For endgame, click on 清空棋盘 then move the piece to your intended position. Look for more pieces on 添加棋子. After you are done with arrangement, click on 将左侧局面设为开始. After this step, follow the method in previous paragraph to find the corresponding EGDB position. In the same 导出导入 screen, you can find way to paste in fen string.

There are many preset positions copied from ancient books that you may find interesting. If you like the service there, you can show your support by registering as higher-class user.

Have fun!

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